Lunacian Express

Release your Axie into the wild!
As a token of their gratitude, you'll receive a parting gift.

Lunacia’s Stocking Stuffers

Release axies and receive accessories that can be equipped to customize your axie’s appearance. This first ever batch of accessories has some rares mixed in!

Release1 Axie
Any Axie
Receive1 Accessory
Glam up your Axie

Lunar New Year 2022

Event ended

Release an Axie to Luna's Landing for the Lunar New Year celebration. In return, your Axie will send you a limited edition land item and you'll be entered into a raffle for epic prizes!

Release1 Axie
Any Axie
Receive1 LNY ItemLand item
Participate in3 RafflesHeroic prizes
Coming soon